Columbus Historic

Columbus , Georgia, is a US city that is full of great attractions .Some of the unique and interesting Columbus Ga sites to see are:
1. Columbus Botanical Garden It’s a natural retreat that sits on 22 acre piece of land. You can take a hike in the Joann holt walking trail or take a stroll through the nice scenic gardens which showcase a wide range of local plant species

2. Columbus Museum It’s a historic museum which offers diverse artistic collection to the public. The museum contains various artifacts on American history & arts and they are displayed on temporary exhibitions and permanent collections. The fine art collection includes sculptures, watercolors, ceramics, the 19th century cut-glass; paintings as well as unique decorative arts .There are also educational programs like films and lectures which will enrich your cultural experience.

4. National Civil War Naval Museum

You cannot miss a trip to the National Civil-War Naval Museum if you are interested in the naval history of American Civil War. The museum which is located in Port Columbus is famous for its life-size model of the USS Water-Witch . You can take a tour on the largest surviving confederate warship and learn about the naval history such as how the “powder-monkeys” and gun boats worked.

4. Heritage Park Heritage Park is memorable historic must see site that is found on Broadway corner. The park celebrates the industrial heritage of Columbus. it has unique scenic surrounding which provides a quiet and cool place to retreat. There are also beautiful statues and educational plaques. Heritage Park allows visitors to conduct self-guided tours and experience the preserved history of Columbus.

5. Liberty Theater When you hear of great African American artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Marian Anderson, Lena Horne, Ethel Waters, Duke Ellington and Fletcher Henderson, they all have one thing in common – they started their careers or once performed in the Liberty Theater. Liberty Theater was first opened in 1924 and it is an important part of Georgia’s history because it’s the first and the largest black theater in Columbus. It is used to showcase performing arts such as plays and musical events.

6. Linwood Cemetery It is not only a memorial garden that commemorates the deceased, but it is also an open air art museum. Linwood is an historic cemetery that was established in 1828 and some of the notable American citizens buried here are Dr John Pemberton-the coca cola inventor, confederate soldiers and Dr. Edwin Degraffinreidone- one of the great commissioners who laid-out the city of Columbus . You can take a stroll through the crumbing brick walls, old and worn out tablets, simple stone slabs and the elaborate monuments while reading the history of Columbus and its legends.